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Minor Timetable Changes to Grey 53, 54

89 days ago Thu 21st Mar 2019

From Tuesday 7 May 2019, there will be minor changes to the Grey 53 and 54 weekday timetable.

Some late afternoon service 54 journeys will instead operate as service 53, to avoid parked cars and congestion on Pastures Avenue, Summerwood Lane and Sunninghill Drive. These are the 14:44 from Clifton and the 14:15 & 15:15 from Arnold.

The 07:49 from Hartness Road (53B to QMC) is re-timed to run 12 minutes earlier, departing Hartness Road at 07:37. This is to provide additional capacity for the 07:39 bus through to Arnold.

The 16:45 from Hartness Road (53) will run between 3 and 5 minutes later.

Preview the new 53, 54 Timetable here.

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Clean Air Day 2019

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