NCT Managing Director, Mark Fowles, Retires

1 month ago Thu 1st Apr 2021

Mark Fowles and Bus

Nottingham City Transport’s Managing Director, Mark Fowles, retired today after 27 years of service.

A web streamed retirement presentation took place, with colleagues from across NCT, representatives from NCT’s shareholders Nottingham City Council and Transdev, along with friends from suppliers and trade bodies – including CPT and ALBUM – and Mark’s family watching.

Mark was presented with a number of retirement gifts from his colleagues at NCT and friends from across the bus industry and its suppliers.

From NCT, Mark received a hamper which contained 27 bottles of alcohol to represent the 27 years he has been at the company, a bus themed cake, a commemorative framed photo of Mark collecting his Services to the Bus Industry Award at the UK Bus Awards in 2019 and his Long Service Certificate.

Mark's Gifts

Mark Fowles joined the erstwhile National Bus Company’s senior management training scheme 1984, and held various operational roles including Manager of Sheffield & District.

Mark joined NCT as deputy MD in June 1994. His initial remit was to ensure NCT participated in the operation of the proposed light rail system for Greater Nottingham.  In 2001 Mark took over as MD of Nottingham City Transport and following the successful bid, also assumed the role of Chairman of the Arrow Consortium which re-introduced trams to Nottingham in March 2004.

Mark has revolutionised public transport in Nottingham and had the strategic vision, determination and passion to take an under-achieving loss-making municipal bus company, and transform it into the thriving beacon of public transport it has become today.

NCT is a multi-award winning bus company and holds the record of being the only bus operator to have won UK Bus Operator of the Year five times!

Nottingham has the highest customer satisfaction level of any city in the UK, as confirmed by the annual Transport Focus survey which in 2019 saw an overall score for NCT at 95% for customer satisfaction.

Today, NCT boasts the largest fleet of biogas double decks in the world and one of the youngest fleets in the country, with an average bus age of 5 years. This has seen fleet emissions fall by 90% as well as significant reductions in CO2 and NOX emissions in the last 12 months and assisted the City achieving Government clean air targets.

Mark’s success with NCT is only part of Mark’s contribution to the bus industry as a whole. He has been actively involved with many industry bodies, working to promote the use of public transport and lobbying the Government to support this vital but often overlooked sector.

The last word goes to Mark Fowles, who said:

“It has been a great privilege and honour to serve as Managing Director of Nottingham City Transport. I am proud of the Company’s achievements during my twenty years as MD, which has turned NCT in to an award winning, pioneering bus company that is highly regarded locally and nationally. I’d like to thank employees, past and present, along with friends throughout the bus industry for their support. I will always treasure my time at NCT”.