Located in the City Centre, NTU City Campus is easy to reach from across the NCT network.

Uni 4 runs on Mondays to Fridays during term time between the City and Clifton Campuses, stopping on the Campus.

  • From every 7 minutes at peak lecture times
  • Every 10 minutes daytime
  • Evening buses every 30 minutes
  • Nightbus N4 through the night, every night* from City to Clifton Campus at 00:15, 01:15, 02:15 and 03:15

Activate your NTU ID card for bus travel to save 15% on monthly Easyrider prices.

A £1.80 student fare is available on South Notts 1 and Navy 4 between NTU Clifton Campus and the City Centre, which is available when you show valid student ID.

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