Student Bus Travel

You can pay on the day using the NCTX Buses App but for the best prices, buy your travel in advance using the NCTX Buses App or Easyrider smart cards.

Paying on the Day

If you are only travelling occasionally, you can pay on the day using the NCTX Buses App and your smart phone is your bus ticket.

Once purchased, click on 'Get Verified' where you’ll be asked to upload a selfie and then how you would like to verify your account.

We strongly recommend you select online verification which will trigger an email inviting you to upload your proof of entitlement.

Your account is usually verified within 24 hours.

Ticket Under 19 Student
Single journey in Nottingham £1.30 £1.80
24 Hour Travel in Nottingham £2.50 £3.40
24 Hour Travel all NCT Buses, incl. Brackenhurst £5.00 £6.50

Paying in Advance for Best Value Travel

We offer two types of pass, covering students who travel every day or every now and then, with a 15% discount for students. Find out about Easyrider passes here.

Colleges and Accommodation Providers

If you are applying for a travel pass that is being provided by your accommodation provider, college or Nottinghamshire County Council, apply online by clicking here.