Robin Hood

If you travel with Nottingham City Transport, but sometimes have to use another bus, train or tram service, then a Robin Hood smart card is ideal for you.

There are two types of Robin Hood card - Season and Pay As You Go - which can be used within Greater Nottingham, as shown below:

Robin Hood Area Map

Season Ticket

Robin Hood Season is a smartcard for regular travelers, with Adult, Student and Under 19 versions available for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

They offer unlimited travel, all day, every day on all bus, train and tram services in Nottingham.

Period of Travel Adult Uni Student* Under 19*
1 month  £82.00 £66.00 £50.00
1 month Direct Debit £75.00 - £45.00
3 months £204.00 £163.00 £124.00
6 months £377.00 £302.00 £229.00
Academic Year*** - £360.00 £295.00
12 months £612.00 £490.00 £372.00
* Valid ID Required. ** On sale until 31 October 2020

To get your first Robin Hood Season card, adults can apply online. Students and Under 19s need to visit the Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre. They will issue your first card and activate it ready for use. Once you have your card, you can top it up at any of the on-street ticket machines, or pop back into the travel centre again, whichever is more convenient. Online top ups are available for adult cards, where you collect the travel from an on-street ticket machine.

Pay As You Go

If you only travel every now and then, a Robin Hood Pay As You Go Card is ideal for you.

This card acts like an electronic purse, where you credit the card with money and the fares are automatically deducted from your balance as and when you travel. There's a fixed price for a day of travel, which you'll be capped at when you reach it, so you always pay the best price.

Pay As You Go Cards are available for Adults and Under 19s and can be used on Nottingham City Transport, tram, trentbarton, Kinchbus and Link Bus services in the boundary above.

Type of Travel Adult Student* Under 19*
Single journey on NCT £2.30 £1.70 £1.20
Unlimited journeys on NCT - day cap £4.20 £3.40 £2.50
Unlimited journeys on all operators** - day cap £4.80 £4.20 £3.25
* Valid ID required ** NCT, tram, trentbarton, Kinch and Link bus services.

To get your first Robin Hood Pay As You Go Card, Adults can purchase one online or from the on-street ticket machines. Under 19s and Students need to visit the Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre with valid ID to purchase their card.

All cards can be topped up from the on-street ticket machines with either £5, £10, £20 or £50 at a time. The maximum you can have on your card is £100. Online top ups are available for adult cards, where you collect the travel from an on-street ticket machine.

More Information

For terms and conditions, lost and stolen cards and all other information for Robin Hood travel please visit