Stop the Bus

’Stop the Bus' allows people with sight loss or those who use a wheelchair to notify us when they’re heading to the bus stop by pressing a button on the NCTX Buses app, which in turn lets us notify the driver which stop you will be at and when.

This function works with VoiceOver on iPhone.

To register, please email your mobile phone number and registered app account email address to [email protected]

Here's an outline of how it works:

1. Departure Board

Within with NCTX Buses app, you can track when buses will arrive at your bus stop on a Departure Board.

You can access this from Live Times on the menu, where stops are shown on a map. If you have Location Services enabled, the map will show stops near you. You can also access the departure boards by tapping on the name of a stop from the Timetables.

View showing the map of a selected stop. This brings up three buttons labelled Departures, Get Me Here and Track Vehicles.

If you are going to use this stop regularly, you can Favourite the stop to access it more quickly in the future from the Favourites Menu.

2. Stop the Bus

The Departure Board lists the service number, destination of the bus and a countdown (in minutes) to when that bus is due.

Stop This Bus button then shows after this information for buses which are between 5 and 20 minutes away from the stop. A minimum of 5 minutes is necessary to ensure we have time to notify the driver and a maximum of 20 minutes to ensure that the capacity of the bus is known.

Tap the Stop This Bus button.

A departure board which shows the service number, destination and minutes countdown to the bus. A stop this bus button then shows.

3. Confirmation

When you press the Stop This Bus button, a pop up box will display. This will state which service number and destination you have selected and ask you to confirm this is the bus you want to stop.

Please select Yes, Stop The Bus or No, Cancel. 

You will then be advised that your request has been received and that an SMS / text message will be sent to you when the driver has been contacted.

Confirmation screen stating that the request has been received and a text message will be sent once the driver is contacted

4. Behind the Scenes

When you press Yes, Stop The Bus, our Control Room is notified of your request and will contact the driver on the bus. 

They will check with the driver that there is capacity for you to travel on the bus, and alert them to which stop you will be waiting at.

5. Text Message

You will shortly receive a text message from us confirming that the driver has been notified.

You may occasionally receive a text message advising the bus is full and our Control Room will notify the next available bus.