1st September - 6th November

Taking place between 1st September and 6th November - The Wise Owl Walk is a trail spanning throughout Nottingham City Centre and is perfect for people of all ages but may be particularly fun day out for families.

The goal is to find all the Wise Owls which have been placed around the city. There's a map and some hints to help you find them but you'll need a keen eye to discover the exact locations! Every Wise Owl is completely unique and has been designed by a roster of talented artists. Do you have what it takes to win this gigantic game of hide and seek?  

The Wise Owl Walk is simple, fun and completely free of charge to take part in. To get started all you need is one of the handy maps and the spirit of adventure! Download a copy by clicking HERE

The trail is the creation of It's in Nottingham and Nottingham BID.

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