More Tickets Added to NCTX Buses App

Nearly half a million tickets have now been sold through the NCTX Buses app, which provides a convenient and hassle free way to pay for journeys, avoiding the need to pay with cash.

We tested the appetite for mobile ticketing by starting with just a handful of tickets, inviting customers to feedback on other types of tickets they wanted to see. Single, Group, Under 19 and Student tickets were prioritised after these were the types we received the most requests for.

With those tickets now in place, we’ve been able to look at ways to provide other ticket types and from Monday 5th February, the Inner City ReturnShort Hop and Outer Area ‘Return’ tickets will join the range of tickets available for purchase.

Inner City Return

If you purchase the Inner City Return ticket, we’ll add 2 individual journeys to an account. Activate one ticket prior to boarding the first bus and activate the second ticket prior to boarding the return bus. Both tickets will display for 15 minutes from activation.

Outer Area ‘Return’

The Outer Area ‘Return’ tickets will be provided as 2 trip tickets, which can be used in either direction or twice in the same direction between the areas shown on the ticket. These tickets will replace the existing Single Tickets, to give greater value to customers, and the price per journey works out less than previously paid. The 2 tickets can be used up to 1 year after purchase.

Menu Changes

To accommodate these new ticket types and to reduce the length of the list of tickets, we’ll also be grouping all common ticket types together. Thanks to a new feature introduced in a December App Update, favourite tickets are listed at the top of the Mobile Ticketing page for quicker and easier purchase.