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NCT Managing Director to Spend Night at Meadow Lane
2 months ago Thu 28th Oct 2021
Our Managing Director, David Astill, is raising money to help fight homelessness and poverty by spending the night at Meadow Lane.
NightBus Services When Clocks Go Back
2 months ago Thu 28th Oct 2021
Clocks go back one hour in the early hours of Sunday 31st October 2021.
Weekend Timetable Change on Orange 34
2 months ago Thu 28th Oct 2021
From 31st October, Orange 34 will operate every 30 minutes at the weekends
Fare Changes from 31st October 2021
2 months ago Mon 25th Oct 2021
Some single trip and day ticket prices for the first time in 2.5 years from 31st October 2021.
Nottingham Businesses Make Great Big Green Week Pledges Following Tree Planting Initiative
3 months ago Sun 26th Sep 2021
We've joined other local businesses to make environmental pledges as part of Great Big Green Week.
Moving with Pride
4 months ago Wed 8th Sep 2021
20% off day tickets to the Pride March on Saturday 11th September 2021
Temporary Route and Timetable Change on Sky Blue 46 and 47
4 months ago Thu 26th Aug 2021
Lingwood Lane is closed on 31st August and 1st September 2021, with a temporary route and timetable change on the 46, 47
Nottinghamshire Day Discount
5 months ago Mon 23rd Aug 2021
20% off Adult and Under 19 Day Tickets on the NCTX Buses App
Scan and Go on Mobile Tickets
5 months ago Mon 23rd Aug 2021
QR Codes are being added to mobile tickets.
Buster Birthday Cards for Sale
5 months ago Fri 13th Aug 2021
Celebrate someone's big day with a birthday card from Buster, including a free Buster Book!