Night Buses

Night Bus £2

Our NightBus services run through until 3.15am every Friday and Saturday night to take you home safely after a night on the town.

Most NightBus services now also return back to the City Centre, with N4 and N34 also running every night of the week, except Sunday night / Monday morning.

Where do they go?

Our NightBus network covers most parts of the City, with the N26 serving Burton Joyce, Lowdham and Southwell. Check the map for your nearest service.

NightBus network map

Download map as PDF

When Do They Depart the City Centre?

  • All NightBus services (except N4, N34, N26) depart every Friday and Saturday night at 01:15, 02:15 and 03:15
  • N4 departs every night (except Sun night / Mon morning) at 00:15, 01:15, 02:15 and 03:15
  • N26 departs every Friday and Saturday night at 00:00, 01:30 and 03:00
  • N34 departs every night (except Sun night / Mon morning) 00:25, 00:45, 01:45, 02:45 and 03:45

For times from other stops along their route, check the Routes & Timetables part of our website or the NCTX Buses App.

Where Do I Get On?

In the City Centre, the main stops are: 

  • N4 - Burton Street (Cornerhouse), Old Market Square (Beastmarket Hill) or Railway Station**
  • N6 - Victoria Centre (Parliament Street outside Lloyds Bank), Angel Row or Railway Station**
  • N26 - King Street or Parliament Street (outside Argos)
  • N27 - King Street or Victoria Centre (Parliament Street)
  • N28 - Victoria Centre (Milton Street)
  • N34 - Victoria Centre (outside Wilko) or Angel Row
  • N36 - Victoria Centre (Milton Street) or Angel Row**
  • N48 - Old Market Square (Beastmarket Hill) or Railway Station**
  • N58 - Parliament Street (outside Bell Inn)
  • N68 - Victoria Centre (Milton Street)
  • N77 - Victoria Centre (outside Wilko)
  • N89 - Parliament Street (Burger King)

How Much?

The following fares apply on all journeys within the map area shown above. For N26, see below.

  • A flat fare of £2 per person for any journey within Nottingham until 31st October 2021
  • Easyrider, Robin Hood smart card and NCTX Buses app tickets are valid on NightBus services. 
  • All day tickets and Grouprider tickets already purchased during the day are valid too.
  • Contactless is available by tapping your card on the reader and will be included within the day cap (04:30-04:29 each day). 
  • Concessionary passes are not valid on NightBus

On the N26 for journeys beyond the map area shown above, the Single Fare is £6; All Day Travel is £6.50 with a Network Rider and the Network Grouprider is £9.00. Day Return tickets can also be used on the N26.