Ride the Rainbow

Ride the Rainbow Poster.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Nottingham with our colourful bus routes, each leading you to a unique adventure. Nottingham City Transport proudly presents the "Ride the Rainbow" campaign, where each bus route is a gateway to unique experiences waiting to be explored. Join us as we take you on a colourful journey through the city’s most captivating and exciting destinations.

  • Green 11C to Holme Pierrepont Water Sports Centre: Hop on the Green 11C and prepare for an adrenaline rush at Holme Pierrepont National Water Sports Centre! From kayaking to white-water rafting, there’s an adventure for every skill level. Don’t forget to soak in the serene beauty of the surrounding nature reserve.
  • Lilac 26 to Southwell: Embark on a picturesque adventure via the Lilac 26 to Southwell. Experience the historical charm of Southwell Minster, followed by leisurely strolls along charming streets with boutiques and cafes. This historic town promises a day of exploration and relaxation.
  • Pink 30 to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park: Let the Pink 30 sweep you away to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, a breath-taking architectural masterpiece nestled within a stunning parkland.
  • Orange 34 to Highfields Park: Unwind in the beauty of Highfields Park by boarding the Orange 34. Stroll along the peaceful pathways, enjoy the serene lake views, and indulge in a game of mini golf. Glide across the lake's calm waters by renting a boat and visit Lakeside Arts to explore thought-provoking exhibitions.
  • Sky Blue 46 / 47 to Gedling Country Park: Discover the beauty of the park, which offers 580 acres of open space, footpaths, and wildlife, along with stunning views overlooking the surrounding areas. When hunger calls, Café 1899 is there with hot and cold goodies to keep you energised. 
  • Yellow 71 to Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf: Calling all adventurers! Hop on the Yellow 71 for an exciting journey to Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf. Encounter life-sized dinosaurs, cascading waterfalls, and conquer the 18-hole golf course. Whether a golf pro or novice, this attraction promises a roaring good time!

Join us as we paint the town with vibrant experiences and unforgettable memories. "Ride the Rainbow" and explore Nottingham's hidden gems, all accessible by our extensive bus network. Click on each route to delve into the details and plan your colourful expedition across the city's most captivating destinations. Let the adventure unfold, one bus ride at a time!