Scan and Go with QR Codes on Mobile Tickets

8 months ago Fri 9th Jun 2023

We have now started adding QR codes to more of our mobile app tickets, which changes how you present the ticket when you board the bus.

When a QR code appears on your ticket, you will need to show your active mobile ticket to the bottom of the green reader on the bus. If there's no QR Code, show the ticket to the driver as you currently do.

What Does a Ticket Look Like with a QR Code On?

A QR Code is like a barcode (below) and will appear above the word of the day, time and remaining time to use the ticket.

QR Code Example

What Do I Do With My Ticket?

If your ticket has a QR code on, present your mobile ticket to the bottom of the reader, as per this short video. 

Hold your phone steady until the green tick shows it has been accepted. Once accepted, show the ticket to the driver.

When presenting a QR code, the reader will check that the ticket you have purchased is valid and also valid at the stop you are boarding at. If you are attempting to use a ticket that is a screenshot or shared or your ticket is outside of the area it covers, your ticket will be rejected and you will need to buy a new ticket for the correct zone.

If the reader is not detecting your ticket, ensure you have the screen brightness set to maximum.

Some older buses do not yet have the ledge to place your phone on, but QR code tickets should be presented to same part of the reader.

Why Have You Introduced QR Codes?

QR codes provide a number of benefits:

  • They allow us to check when a ticket was last used, which helps when processing customer refunds
  • They improve the data we receive on usage, which helps us to plan services (personal data is anonymised)
  • They minimise fraudulent use of mobile tickets, which keeps fares down

Do I Need Internet Connectivity for QR Codes to Work?

No. You only need internet connectivity to activate the ticket (as you do now). The QR codes are managed within the app and no internet connectivity is needed for them to work after activation.

My Ticket Was Rejected, Why?

The most common reasons are:

  • You are attempting to use your ticket outside the boundary or zone it is valid
  • You are using an expired QR code or a screenshot of a QR code on your mobile device
  • Your ticket has recently been presented on a bus and "passback" has been initiated 

If your ticket is rejected, you will need to purchase a new ticket in the NCTX Buses App or use an alternative way to pay, such as contactless or cash.

The QR Code Won’t Read, What Can I Do?

If the reader cannot pick up a QR code, ensure your screen is set to the maximum brightness. If this does not resolve this issue, show the ticket to the driver to verify your ticket manually. 

My Phone is Cracked or Smashed, What Can I Do?

You are responsible for presenting a ticket which can be validated and you should repair or replace your phone, if possible.

Where there is slight damage to the screen, show the ticket to the driver to verify your ticket manually.