Service Change from 31st March 2024

2 months ago Tue 12th Mar 2024

Service Change 31st March 2024.

We regularly review our network and will be making changes to our Brown, Pink, Orange and Turquoise Lines from Sunday 31st March 2024.

These new timetables are being introduced to improve reliability, reflecting current traffic levels and also build in additional time for our Pink, Orange and Turquoise Line services whilst major junction works take place at Maid Marian Way/Upper Parliament Street.

New PDF timetables can be viewed below, with full stop-by-stop timetables available in the NCTX Buses app and at by selecting the day you are travelling to be after the date of the change. 

Brown 15, 16, 17

Minor timetable changes in the afternoon and early evening on all days for buses between City Hospital and Rise Park or Bulwell.

Preview new Brown 15, 16 Timetable>>>

Preview new Brown 17 Timetable>>>

Pink 30

Revised timetable on all days, but no change to core frequencies.

Preview new Pink 30 Timetable>>>

Orange 35, 36

Revised timetable on all days, but no change to core frequencies.

Behind the scenes we are changing how we operate these services on Monday to Saturday daytimes. Buses currently alternate between the routes with the buses operating as a 35 then a 36, then another 35 etc. throughout the day. This has led to delays across both routes when there have been issues, such as roadworks or road closures, with customers on the 36 affected by an issue on the 35 (and vice versa).

As part of these timetable changes, buses will now stay on the 35 or 36 for the majority of the day on Mondays to Saturdays. Late evening and Sunday buses will continue to alternate between routes.

Preview new Orange 35 Timetable>>>

Preview new Orange 36 Timetable>>>

Turquoise 77, 78, 79

Revised timetable on all days, but no change to core frequencies. Most buses towards City operate slightly earlier than they do currently.

Preview new Turquoise 77 Timetable>>>

Preview new Turquoise 78 Timetable>>>

Preview new Turquoise 79 Timetable>>>