NCT to Launch WET Bus Service

1 month ago Fri 1st Apr 2022

NCT in conjunction with the Nottingham Narrowboat Project are pleased to announce the launch of our new Water Environment Transport - or WET - service.

WET uses state of the art narrowboat buses on two routes, providing relaxing travel for commuters, shoppers, sports fans and visitors to the Crown Court.

  • WET 1 runs from Meadow Lane with stops at the Island Quarter, Nottingham Station and Crown Court terminating at the Navigation Inn, where it connects to WET 2.
  • WET 2 runs to Beeston Rylands with stops at the Castle Campus, Castle Marina, Lenton Lane, the Showcase Cinemas and Boots
wet bus route maps

Gerry Mulvaney, Director at the Nottingham Narrowboat Project said, "We are very pleased to be appointed Nottingham City Transport's preferred partner for their new WET service on the Nottingham and Beeston Canal".

WET commuters bypass several traffic bottlenecks, travelling from Beeston Rylands all the way to Meadow Lane in a couple of hours or so, which is often faster than taking your car.

WET will be fully integrated with NCT’s tickets and passes, with adult day tickets priced at £4.40 and Under 19s at £2.50 using contactless.

Happy April Fools Day!