Changes to NCT Student Cash Single

From Sunday 30 July 2017, the NCT Student Cash Fare on the 28, 30*, 31, 34, 35*, 36 will increase to £1.50.

This is the first increase in the Student Cash Fare since it was introduced six years ago and is necessary because of significant increases in running costs. We have maintained the fare at £1 for as long as possible and whilst all other customers have seen their fare increase twice since 2011.

The new £1.50 fare offers an excellent 25% cash discount for students and we will be introducing a cheaper Student Single on the NCTX Buses app in time for the start of the new Academic Year in September. Paying through the NCTX Buses app avoids the need to find cash and you can pay with debit/credit card or Apple Pay.

Students travelling regularly can save money by activating their Student ID card as a bus pass, with unlimited weekly travel passes just £12.60 – the equivalent of £1.80 a day.

Special Academic and Calendar Year passes will be on sale from 21 August, with their prices frozen at £219 and £229 respectively.


* Between City and Jubilee Campus on Pink 30 and City and Priory roundabout on Orange 35