23 More Gas Buses Coming Soon!

A further 23 Bio-Gas double deck buses will be hitting Nottingham’s streets from this Spring, as part of a £16.8m investment by Nottingham City Transport in the greenest buses on the road!

£12.4m of the investment comes from NCT, with £4.4m from The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and has covered the cost of 53 Bio-Gas buses and installing gas fuelling facilities at the Parliament Street Bus Garage.

These latest 23 Bio-Gas buses will be operating on Sky Blue 45 and Orange 36 and join the existing 30 super environmentally friendly Bio-Gas buses operated by NCT, which have been running on Green 6, 10; Lilac 24, 25 and Red 44 since last May.

The 53 Bio-Gas double decks buses will significantly improve air quality in Nottingham – and beyond – as the overall process to produce, distribute and use the Bio-Gas is exceptionally clean. Bio-Gas buses generates a CO2 saving of 84% and emit hardly any particulates (soot) or hydrocarbons.

When the latest buses enter service, NCT will have the largest fleet of Bio-Gas double deck buses in the world, with intentions to purchase further buses ahead of Nottingham’s introduction of a Clean Air Zone in 2020. An announcement on potential further funding from OLEV is expected this year.

As well as being good for the environment, these brand new buses have a super spec. for customers too, including:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • USB charging points for keeping phone batteries topped up
  • Glass staircase for a brighter interior
  • High quality seats for a more comfortable journey
  • Quieter engines for a smoother ride
  • Audio announcements to help people find their stop