University of Nottingham Services 31 and 34

9 months ago Wed 21st Oct 2020

The number of students using services 31 and 34 has drastically reduced this academic year, reflecting changes to teaching arrangements because of COVID-19, with few lectures on campus.

To reflect this reduction in demand, we will be making the following changes:

Pink 31 to the Jubilee Campus will be suspended after service on Friday 23rd October 2020. Pink 28 and 30 continue to serve Jubilee Campus, stopping outside on Wollaton Road, with buses every 5-7 minutes along Ilkeston Road to the City Centre.

Orange 34 to the University Park Campus will operate to a revised timetable from Sunday 25th October. Buses will operate every 15 minutes at Monday to Friday peak times and every 30 minutes at all other times, including evenings and weekends. You can view the new timetable here.

These changes are being introduced following consultation with the University of Nottingham and ensures we make the most efficient use of our drivers and buses.

Any students who have purchased an academic product which is no longer appropriate for their needs can apply for a refund on the remaining travel. Details are here.