How to Use the Bus

Here are our top tips on how to travel by bus with Nottingham City Transport.

1. Plan your journey

If you know the number of the bus you are going to be travelling on, you can look up the timetable on our website or on the NCTX Buses app.

If you're making a new journey, enter the start and end points and when you're travelling in to our online Journey Planner, which will give you directions and details for your journey. 

Download the NCTX Buses app to access the journey planner on the move, as well as see any disruptions that may be in place.

2. Choose your ticket

You can pay for your journey using the NCTX Buses app, with contactless or cash (exact fare, no change given). Current prices are available here.

If you're making journeys on a regular basis, you may want to look at week, month or annual passes on our Easyrider smartcard or NCTX Buses app which offer discounted travel.

3. Head to the bus stop

Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the time of your bus. 

Most bus stops have an electronic bus stop display, which counts down how many minutes it is until your bus will arrive. You can also view this in the NCTX Buses app.

bus stop display

If there isn't an electronic bus stop display, a printed timetable will be shown.

Sometimes things can happen on a route, such as roadworks or an emergency road closure. Keep an eye on our Service Disruptions

When the bus approaches, signal to the driver so they know you want to catch the bus. Put your hand out in good time, so they can see you.

4. Board the bus

When the driver opens the doors, let people off before trying to board. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the driver.

customers and driver talking

Here's how to pay:

Cash Drop your fare in the cash box in front of the driver and let them know which ticket you need. They will issue you with a ticket
Contactless Tap & Go Place it on the green reader near the driver and wait for the green acceptance ticket. No ticket is issued.
Contactless Let the driver know which ticket you would like to buy. Wait for the green reader to show "present card" before placing your contactless device on the reader. A ticket will be issued.
NCTX Buses app Show the active ticket screen to the driver, or if it has a QR code on, hold it to be read at the bottom of the reader
Smartcard Place it on the green reader near the driver and wait for the green acceptance ticket. No ticket is issued.

When you've paid, make your way to a seat. There are priority seats located near the front of the bus and space for a wheelchair and pushchairs.

5. On your journey

Sit back and relax. Charge your phone using the on bus USB chargers (fitted to more than half of our buses) or make use of the free Wi-Fi. 

Alternatively, look out of the window and enjoy the view or lose yourself in a good book.

customers using wifi

All buses have next stop audio and visual announcements, so listen or look out for the name of your stop. 

If you have any issues on the bus, please let the driver know.

6. Getting off the bus

Press the bell in good time before your stop, so the driver can safely pull up at the bus stop. 

Make use of the handrails on the bus before it's stopped, but if you'd sooner wait in your seat until the bus stops, that's fine too.

customer pressing bell