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Forest Home Game

Today 16:00 - 22:30

Forest are playing at home on Wednesday 22 January, with kick off of 19:45. Roads around Trent Bridge and Radcliffe Road will be busy as fans head to/from the match and delays are likely.


Today 15:41

Congestion in the Strelley area is delaying Orange 35 and Turquoise 77.
Congestion along its route is delaying Pathfinder 26.

G1, G2 stop closures on South Sherwood Street

Today 15:26

These stops cannot be served due to other operator coaches blocking the lane. Please use Burton Street for Navy 4 or Victoria Centre for Orange and Pink

Beechdale Road

Today 12:37

  • Affected routes:
  • 28

Roadworks on Beechdale Road (with temporary lights) are causing delays to Pink 28.

Lambley Lane, Burton Joyce

Today 05:00 - 23rd Jan

  • Affected routes:
  • 26

Temporary 4-way lights will be in use at the junction of Main Street/Lambley Lane which will delay Lilac 26.

Queens Drive Resurfacing work phase 2

20th - 27th Jan

Resurfacing work is taking place on Queens Drive between 20:00-05:00 each night from 20th until 26th January.

During these times, Navy 48 and 49A towards Clifton or Boots Site will stay on Queens Drive and will be unable to serve any stops on Electric Avenue.

Additionally, the stop labelled "Clifton Bridge North" towards Clifton and Boots will also be closed.

Stop Closed in East Leake due to Roadworks

20th Jan onwards

The School Green named stop, used by South Notts 1 towards Loughborough has been closed because of roadworks.

Westgate, Southwell

20th - 24th Jan

  • Affected routes:
  • 26

Works are taking place along Westgate in Southwell, which is likely to delay Pathfinder 26.

Closure of Sherwood Rise

20th Jan onwards

From Monday 20th January until late May, Sherwood Rise is to be closed between Haydn Road and Mansfield Road.
Yellow Line buses will divert via Hucknall Road and Haydn Road in both directions and we expect severe delays to these services as well as Brown 15, 16, 17 throughout.
Bus stops on the diversion route will be observed, with buses towards Bulwell also serving the stop outside Clarendon College - used by Lime Line (as an alternative to Gregory Boulevard).

Closure of Verona Avenue stop

18th Jan onwards

‪The Verona Avenue named stop on Vale Road is closed because of roadworks. Please use the nearby temporary stop for Red 44 buses towards the City.‬

Spring Lane

16th Jan - 12th Feb

Works are taking place on Spring Lane. 2-way temporary lights are in use and this will delay Sky Blue 46/47

Lowdham War Memorial

13th - 31st Jan

  • Affected routes:
  • 26

Roadworks are taking place near the Lowdham War Memorial, which will delay Pathfinder 26. The stops named Lowdham War Memorial are also withdrawn with passengers requested to use the temporary stop (both ways), near Magna Charta - which is a 'yellow' road sign rather than a stop plate/pole

Lowdham War Memorial stops

13th - 31st Jan

Roadworks are taking place near to the Lowdham War Memorial bus stops. Both stops have been withdrawn from use. Please use the temporary stop (both ways), near Magna Charta - which is a 'yellow' road sign rather than a stop plate/pole

Podder Lane

9th Jan onwards

Works are taking place on Mapperley Plains, near to Podder lane. 2-way traffic signals are in use, which will delay Sky Blue 46/47

Roadworks on Broxtowe Lane

9th Jan onwards

Roadworks on Broxtowe Lane are causing severe delays to Turquoise 79, 79A.

Stop Closure - Clarendon St

29th Oct onwards

The Clarendon Street named stop, on Talbot Street, used by Pink and Orange Line buses entering the City is closed due to scaffolding works.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

King Street

27th - 30th Jan

Between 27th and 29th January, works are taking place at the top of King Street in the City. Lilac 26 and Red 44/A will be unable to use their normal stop (named K1) on King Street.
Please alight these buses at the stop outside D+G taxis and board them at their Victoria Centre stops.

Stop closure, King Street K1

27th - 30th Jan

This stop cannot be served between 27th-29th Jan due to roadworks. Please use the next stop, named Victoria Centre.

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