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4th Dec onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 26

Temporary traffic lights on Westgate in Southwell are causing severe delays to Lilac 26

Stop Closure - Curzon Street

2nd Dec onwards

The Curzon Street stop on Leake Road in Gotham, used by South Notts 1 towards Nottingham is closed. Please use the temporary stop nearby.

Closure of Summerwood Lane

2nd - 20th Dec

  • Affected routes:
  • 54

Summerwood Lane is to be resurfaced in Clifton between 2-20 December. During this time Grey 54 will remain on Farnborough Road. and will be unable to serve Summerwood or Pastures Avenue.

Spring Lane

28th Nov - 24th Dec

Gas mains replacement works are taking place on Spring Lane, with 2 way traffic signals in use. This will delay Sky Blue 46/47.

Stop U5

25th Nov onwards

This stop cannot be served by Navy 4/N4. A temporary stop has been located outside the front of the Royal Concert Hall.

Ravenswood Road

25th Nov - 6th Dec

3-way lights will be in use on Ravenswood Road, at its junction with Coppice Road. This will severely delay Lime 56 as well as 57 and 59 as some journeys interwork.

Stop Closure - Clarendon St

29th Oct onwards

The Clarendon Street named stop, on Talbot Street, used by Pink and Orange Line buses entering the City is closed due to scaffolding works.

Closure of Halam Road, Southwell

7th Oct - 13th Dec

  • Affected routes:
  • 26

From Monday 7th October until mid-December, Halam Road is to be closed in Southwell.
Lilac 26 will operate the reverse of the route that they normally take towards the City; At the junction of Nottingham Road/Westgate buses will turn right onto Westgate, right Church Street, onto Easthorpe, Newark Road and onto Lower Kirklington Road and normal route.
Stops on Westgate, Allenby Road, Halam Road and The Ropewalk cannot be served.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Ruddington Christmas Market

7th Dec

From the start of service until approx 20:00 on Saturday 7th December, Navy 3 and Green 10 will be diverted in the Ruddington area due to the Christmas Market Event.

Navy 3 won’t serve Ruddington Village Centre. Buses to Clifton will turn right from Wilford Road on to Clifton Road at The Victoria Tavern PH. Buses to City will turn left at the end of Clifton Road on to Wilford Road. Stops near The Victoria Tavern PH should be used.

Green 10 to Ruddington will follow the normal route to the end of Rufford Road then left Easthorpe Street, right A60 Loughborough Road, right Kirk Lane, left High Street to Ruddington Green. Buses to City will follow their normal route.

Stops closed due to Ruddington Christmas Market Event

7th Dec

The stop labelled Ruddington High Street cannot be served until 20:00 on Saturday due to the Ruddington Christmas Market Event.
The stops labelled Ruddington Green, Chapel Street, and Ruddington Church cannot be served by Navy 3 until 20:00

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