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Facial Coverings and Safer Travel Guidance

22nd Jul onwards

Travelling by bus is safe when you follow the Safer Travel Guidance. Facial coverings must be worn on the bus, but there are exemptions for some people which you can read at

Navy 48/X - Clifton Bridge

30th Jul onwards

Due to roadworks on Clifton Bridge, Navy 48/X towards the City are continuing onto Dunkirk and u-turning, coming back along the A52 to reach Clifton Bridge North. no stops are missed.

Mapperley Plains

30th Jul onwards

Roadworks on Mapperley Plains are delaying Sky Blue 46/47.

Closure of Stop - Works

28th Jul onwards

This stop is closed until further notice, whilst a cycle lane is installed on the pavement. No temporary stop is available, please use the next or previous stop.

Stop Closure - Roadworks

21st Jun onwards

This stop, used by Pink 28 towards Bilborough is closed due to works.

Closure of Burton Road

11th May - 20th Dec

  • Affected routes:
  • 26

To allow works to take place as part of the Gedling Access Road, Burton Road is to be closed.
From the 11th May until the end of the year, Lilac 26 will use Stoke Lane and Colwick Loop Road in both directions.
A temporary stop should be placed half way down Stoke Lane.

Clifton Bridge Roadworks

5th Apr onwards

Navy 48/X towards Clifton is serving all stops on its route, but at Clifton Bridge, buses will use Lenton Lane to access Clifton Bridge and on to Silverdale. Delays to the service are expected.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

South Road, City Hospital Campus

17th - 25th Aug

Works are taking place on South Road within the City Hospital grounds. Blue 40/X will therefore divert.
Blue 40 towards City Hospital and Edwards Lane will be unaffected.

Blue 40X towards City Hospital and Blue 40 towards City will be unable to serve 'Yellow Car Park' or 'Purple Car Park' and will instead use Gate Number 4, terminating at a temporary stop on North Road.

City Hospital stops not served.

17th - 25th Aug

These stops cannot be served due to works on South Road.
There is a temporary stop on North Road.

Closure of Nuthall Road

19th - 25th Aug

Nuthall Road is to be closed for buses towards the City to allow resurfacing work to take place (09:00-15:00 weekdays, 09:30-22:00 Saturday and Sunday) .
Between the Ring Road and Bobber's Mill, Turquoise 78/79/A will use Western Boulevard and Aspley Lane.
Buses will serve stops on the diversion route.

Nuthall Road stops closed due to resurfacing work

19th - 25th Aug

These stops are not being served (09:00-15:00 weekdays, 09:30-22:00 Saturday and Sunday) with Turquiouse 78/79/A using Western Boulevard and Aspley Lane towards the City.