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Roadworks on Coningswath Road

17th - 25th Apr

  • Affected routes:
  • 27

4 way temporary lights will be in use on Coningswath Road, near to the Lilac 27 terminus between 17th-25th April. This will delay Lilac 27.

Closure of Flamsteed Road, Strelley.

16th Apr - 2nd May

Resurfacing works are taking place on Flamsteed Road, Strelley between 16th April and 2nd May.

Whilst originally intended for daytime only, the road is now closed at all times for these works.

Turquoise 77/78 will be unable to serve the terminus and will stop as follows:

Turquoise 77 will terminate at the stop labelled 'Morris Road' the next stop on the route, which is on Moor Road.

Turquoise 78 will terminate at the stop labelled 'Westleigh Road' the next stop on the route, which is on Westleigh Road.

Turquoise 77C will divert in both directions via Helston Drive and customers should use the Westleigh Road or Helston Drive stops for this service. Stops on Moor Road won't be served.

Flamsteed Road stops closed due to works

16th Apr - 2nd May

These stops cannot be served between 16th April and 2nd May due to resurfacing works. Please use Morris Road (77), or Westleigh Road (77C, 78)

Roadworks on Bridgford Road

15th Apr - 5th May

Roadworks are taking place on Bridgford Road, near to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground each night between 18:00-06:00. This may delay Green 5-9.

Halam Road, Southwell

15th - 29th Apr

Roadworks are taking place on Halam Road in Southwell between 15th-29th April, which may delay Pathfinder 100.

Emergency Gas Repairs in Ruddington

13th - 23rd Apr

Emergency gas repairs are taking place in Ruddington, on Wilford Road. Delays to Navy 3 and Green 10/C/X are possible at busy times.

Wollaton Road gasworks

10th Apr onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 30

Emergency gas works are taking place on Wollaton Road, on approach to Crown Island on the way into the City.
A lane closure is currently in place and this may delay Pink 30.

Temporary Traffic Lights - Mapperley Plains

9th Apr - 3rd May

Temporary 3-way traffic lights at top of Coppice Road in Mapperley Plains are causing delays to service on Sky Blue 46-47.

Stops Closed due to Gas Works

9th Apr onwards

These stops have been closed due to nearby Gas Works. Please use nearby temporary stops.

Stop Closed - Basford Church

19th Feb onwards

The 'Basford Church' stop used by Yellow 70/71 towards Bulwell is currently closed due to roadworks. A temporary stop has been located nearby.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Roadworks on Carlton Hill

23rd Apr

Temporary traffic lights will be in use on Carlton Hill on 23rd April. This will delay Lilac 24, 25, 27 and Pathfinder 100.

Closure of Breck Hill Road

24th - 26th Apr

  • Affected routes:
  • 25

Severn Trent Water are working on Breck Hill Road from 09:00 on 24th April until 16:00 on 26th April.

During this time, Lilac 25 will divert via Woodthorpe Drive and Mansfield Road in both directions.

No stops on Thackeray's Lane or Breck Hill Road will be served during the diversion, but buses will stop on diversion. On Breck Hill Road, please signal the driver clearly as 'hail & ride' will be in operation.

Westdale Lane roadworks

28th Apr

4-way temporary traffic signals will be in place on Westdale Lane, between Elmhurst Avenue and Unity Crescent.
This may delay Lilac 25 and Sky Blue 45.

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