Mobile App Tickets

5 days ago Thu 13th Jan 2022

customer and app

We're adding QR codes to more tickets from later this month, which changes how you present the ticket when you board the bus.

QR codes are being rolled out gradually and when a QR code appears on your ticket, you will need to show your active mobile ticket to the bottom of the green reader on the bus. If there's no QR Code, show the ticket to the driver as you currently do.

You can read more about QR Codes here.

We will stop selling Short Hop tickets in the NCTX Buses app on Saturday 15th January 2022, in response to driver reports of customers over-riding and staying on the bus beyond their stop.

If you have already purchased a Short Hop ticket, you will still be able to use it until and including Monday 31st January 2022. Any unused Short Hop tickets after this date will be refunded.

Short Hop tickets will still be available to buy on the bus, with cash or a contactless payment, where drivers may ask you prior to purchase where you are travelling to, to ensure you have the correct ticket. You can use our online Fare Finder to check in advance if your journey is covered by the Short Hop ticket.