lilac Line

Nottingham > Carlton > Gedling > Burton Joyce > Lowdham > Minster School

Timetable (Toward the city)

Southwell, Minster School-08:41-15:24
Southwell Leisure Centre-08:42-15:25
NTU Brackenhurst Campus-08:44-15:27
Nottingham Road for Halloughton-08:45-15:28
Thurgarton, Orchard View-08:46-15:29
Thurgarton, Corner Croft-08:47-15:30
Thurgarton, Station Road-08:48-15:31
Gonalston Crossroads-08:49-15:32
Gonalston Farm-08:50-15:33
Lowdham, War Memorial06:5508:52-15:35
Brakes Farm06:5608:53-15:36
Skithorne Rise06:5608:53-15:36
Tall Trees06:5708:55-15:37
Holy Trinity Church06:5808:56-15:37
Nottingham Road06:5808:56-15:37
Old Main Road06:5908:57-15:38
Poplars Avenue06:5908:58-15:38
Chesterfield Drive07:0008:59-15:39
Burton Joyce, Wheatsheaf Ct07:0209:02-15:41
Lambley Lane07:0209:02-15:41
St. Helens Grove07:0309:03-15:42
Woodside Road07:0409:04-15:43
Nottingham Road07:0509:05-15:44
Burton Road, Linden Grove07:0709:07-15:46
Carlton-le-Willows School, Turnround--15:10-
Florence Road07:0909:0915:1415:47
Burton close07:1109:1115:1815:48
Burton Road, Ousebridge Drive07:1209:1215:2015:49
Manor Crescent07:1209:1215:2015:49
Manor Green Walk 07:1309:1315:2115:50
Carlton Square07:1509:1515:2315:52
Southcliffe Road07:1609:1615:2415:53
Chesterfield Street07:1609:1615:2415:53
Forester Grove07:1709:1715:2515:54
Buntings Lane07:1709:1715:2515:54
Hooton Road07:1809:1815:2615:55
Second Avenue07:1909:1915:2715:56
Carlton Hill, Standhill Rd07:2009:2015:2815:57
Brentcliffe Avenue07:2009:2015:2815:57
Comery Avenue07:2109:2115:2915:58
Porchester Road07:2209:2215:3015:59
City College07:2309:2315:3116:00
Randolph Street07:2409:2415:3216:01
Carlton Rd, St. Matthias Rd07:2509:2515:3316:02
St Chads Road07:2609:2615:3416:03
Handel Street07:2709:2715:3516:04
Southwell Road07:2809:2815:3616:05
City, Victoria Centre V507:3109:3115:3916:08
City, King Street K107:3509:3515:4316:12

Key Information

  • Real time 'Track a Bus' route
  • Visual next stop announcements on the bus
  • Space for a wheelchair or buggies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Double decker
  • Mobile ticketing available
  • Easyrider passes valid
  • Robin Hood passes accepted
  • Exact fare needed

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