turquoise Line

City > Hyson Green > Radford Road > Highbury Vale > Bulwell

Timetable (Toward the city)

Bulwell Bus Station05:0805:56
Bulwell Market05:0805:56
Bulwell Church05:0805:56
Cantrell Road05:0905:57
Deptford Crescent05:0905:57
Highbury Hospital05:1005:58
Bedford Grove05:1105:59
Catchems Corner05:1105:59
Gordon Street05:1206:00
Acton Avenue05:1206:00
Nottingham Road05:1306:01
Vernon Rd, Basford Crossing05:1306:01
Vernon Avenue05:1306:01
Valley Road05:1406:02
Eland Street05:1506:03
North Gate05:1506:03
Wilkinson Street05:1606:04
Bobbersmill Road05:1606:04
Hyson Green, ASDA05:1706:05
Gregory Boulevard05:1806:06
Claypole Road05:1806:06
Bentinck Road05:1906:07
Peveril Street05:1906:07
Boden Street05:2006:08
Newdigate Street05:2006:08
Alfreton Rd, Canning Circus05:2106:09
Clarendon Street05:2206:10
Talbot Street05:2206:10
City, S Sherwood St G105:2306:11
City, Cornerhouse T805:2506:13

Key Information

  • Audio announcements on the bus
  • Real time 'Track a Bus' route
  • Visual next stop announcements on the bus
  • Space for a wheelchair and buggies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Brand new buses
  • Double decker
  • Mobile ticketing available
  • Easyrider passes valid
  • Robin Hood passes accepted
  • Serves Hospital
  • Exact fare needed

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