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City > Meadows > Clifton > Ruddington

Away from the city on Friday

Timetable (Away from the city)

City, Beastmarket Hill B301:1502:1503:15
City, Maid Marian Way M201:1502:1503:15
Broad Marsh, Collin St C401:1602:1603:16
Nottingham Station S101:1802:1803:18
Bridgeway Centre01:1802:1803:18
Houseman Gardens01:1902:1903:19
Queens Walk01:2002:2003:20
Meadows, Soudan Drive01:2202:2203:22
Riverside Way01:2202:2203:22
Crossgate Drive01:2302:2303:23
Pork Farms01:2402:2403:24
Tottle Road01:2502:2503:25
Clifton Bridge North01:2702:2703:27
Clifton Lane, Fabis Drive01:3002:3003:30
Orford Avenue01:3002:3003:30
The Winning Post01:3102:3103:31
Dovenby Road01:3102:3103:31
Varney Road01:3202:3203:32
Swansdowne Drive01:3302:3303:33
Whitegate Vale01:3502:3503:35
Simone Gardens01:3502:3503:35
Langstrath Road01:3602:3603:36
Green Lane, Dalehead Road01:3602:3603:36
Crusader Island01:3702:3703:37
Clifton Lane, The Dip01:3702:3703:37
Bransdale Road01:3802:3803:38
Pastures Avenue01:3902:3903:39
Farnboro' Rd, Holy Trinity01:4002:4003:40
Glencoyne Road01:4102:4103:41
Fairham School01:4202:4203:42
Dunkery Road01:4202:4203:42
North Road01:4302:4303:43
Camelot Street01:4302:4303:43
Wilford Road01:4402:4403:44
High Street01:4502:4503:45
Ruddington, Kirk Lane01:4502:4503:45
Ashworth Avenue01:4802:4803:48

Key Information

  • Audio announcements on the bus
  • Go 2 Service
  • Late night weekend bus services
  • Real time 'Track a Bus' route
  • Visual next stop announcements on the bus
  • Space for a wheelchair and buggies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Double decker
  • Easyrider passes valid
  • Exact fare needed

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