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Away from the city on Saturday

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A single journey within the City Bus Network Zone costs just £3!

All day tickets and valid Easyrider Citycards are valid on Go2 Night at no extra charge (within the City Bus Network Zone).

No other tickets or passes are valid (including concessionary cards).

Key Information

  • Go 2 Service
  • Dedicated wheelchair spaces
  • Space for buggies
  • Real time 'Track a Bus' route
  • Late night weekend bus services

Timetable (Away from the city)

City, Beastmarket Hill B301:1502:1503:15
City, Maid Marian Way M201:1502:1503:15
Broad Marsh, Collin St C401:1602:1603:16
Nottingham Station S101:1802:1803:18
Bridgeway Centre01:1802:1803:18
Houseman Gardens01:1902:1903:19
Queens Walk01:2002:2003:20
Meadows, Soudan Drive01:2202:2203:22
Riverside Way01:2202:2203:22
Crossgate Drive01:2302:2303:23
Riverside Way01:2402:2403:24
Tottle Road01:2502:2503:25
Clifton Bridge North01:2702:2703:27
Fabis Drive01:3002:3003:30
Orford Avenue01:3002:3003:30
The Winning Post01:3102:3103:31
Dovenby Road01:3102:3103:31
Varney Road01:3202:3203:32
Swansdowne Drive01:3302:3303:33
Clifton Cornerstone01:3402:3403:34
Whitegate Vale01:3502:3503:35
Clifton Library01:3502:3503:35
Langstrath Road01:3602:3603:36
Dalehead Road01:3602:3603:36
Crusader Island01:3702:3703:37
The Dip01:3702:3703:37
Bransdale Road01:3802:3803:38
Pastures Avenue01:3902:3903:39
Clifton, Holy Trinity01:4002:4003:40
Glencoyne Road01:4102:4103:41
Fairham School01:4202:4203:42
Dunkery Road01:4202:4203:42
North Road01:4302:4303:43
Camelot Street01:4302:4303:43
Wilford Road01:4402:4403:44
Kirk Lane01:4502:4503:45
Elms Park01:4502:4503:45
Ashworth Avenue01:4802:4803:48